Saturday, December 20, 2014

10 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2015

New year, new beauty routine. Now's the time to ditch your bad habits and try out cool new trends. Here, 10 tips, tricks, and ideas to work into your list of resolutions for 2015.

1. Looped ponytail: The look was all over spring Fashion Week, and it's an easy way to get your hair out of your face.

2. Fresh nails: The trendiest nail art of the moment is the negative-space manicure, which is also a little healthier for your nails. Keeping them covered with polish can result in brittle, yellow nails, so resolving to go polish-free every couple of days—or experimenting with this new trend and skipping the clear base or top coat—is a great way to take care of your hands.

3. Stop popping: You guys, if you're still attacking your pimples, it's time to stop. Really. You might think you're doing the right thing by squeezing blemishes, but you're actually doing more damage than you realize. Popping can cause enlarged pores and broken capillaries, so allow your zit to run its course and cover it with concealer instead.

4. Go to sleep: Make 2015 the year you go to bed early. And as cheesy as it sounds, it's called "beauty sleep" for a reason. While you're snoozing, your body takes the time to rejuvenate—including your skin cells. So stop with the all-nighters and start getting some sleep. Your skin will thank you.

5. Air-dry texture: Give your hair a break from heat styling by letting it air dry when you can. Embracing your natural texture is also on-trend for 2015 (a lazy girl's dream come true).

6. Clear out: Most of your makeup has probably expired, so take the time to go through items and update as needed. Check out this helpful guide while you're going through your stuff.

7. Do it now: That bad habit you're still secretly doing? Yeah, it's time to stop it. Whether it's smoking, tanning, or overdyeing your hair, make the resolution to stop it now. Your future 2016 self will thank you.

8. Say yes to SPF: If you aren't already wearing sunblock (seriously, why aren't you?!) it's time to start layering it on. Even if your foundation includes an SPF, pick up a sunscreen and add it to your morning makeup routine, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

9. Hand love: Your hands go through a lot every day, especially in the winter. They also tend to show signs of aging like sun spots and wrinkles. Keep them moisturized and also covered in sunscreen daily.

10. Try something new: Whether it's going makeup-free for the day or chopping off your hair, be adventurous. Trust us, it's liberating.

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