Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Was The Year Of The Braid

Dior Braids
There's no denying that this has been the year of the braid. It's always been an essential hairstyle, of course, but we've seen a ton of cool/interesting/weird/inventive ones in 2014. And hairstylists aren't slowing down just because the year's coming to an end. In fact, in seems that they've saved the best for last. Take a look:

At Dior's Pre-Fall 2015 show in Tokyo last week, hairstylist Guido created a sleek hairstyle composed of four shapely braided loops (above). The effect was part Princess Leia, part St. Pauli Girl, and part manga action hero—and all around pretty mind-blowing.

Jaime King braided updo

Last week, hairstylist Sarah Potempa amazed us all with a double five-strand braid on Jaime King. It's a style you will probably never master on yourself (unless you have a third hand, that is), but nevertheless, it's still cool to check out Potempa's step-by-step on her Instagram account.

Rita Ora braids

The cornrow-braided part is a look we've seen this year both on the runway (Giamba Spring 2015 in Milan) and the red carpet (Elizabeth Banks at the AMAs), but Rita Ora's most recent iteration take the style to epic proportions. Instead of a dainty braid, Ora's cornrow braid is thick and oversized, while her super long ponytail is equally epic.

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