Sunday, December 21, 2014

Anna Kendrick Describes How Chris Pine (and a Corset) Made Her Lose It on the Set of Into the Woods

From the wildly successful Pitch Perfect franchise to the upcoming big screen adaptation of Into the Woods, actress Anna Kendrick has firmly established herself as the movie musical queen in Hollywood. In fact, nothing can get in her way from taking over musicals. Well, except for maybe the combination of a corset and one very amusing co-star.

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Kendrick stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday to promote Into the Woods, where she shared a couple of delightful anecdotes from the set, including a time that Chris Pine made her laugh so hard she thought she was dying. Kendrick was wearing, as she described it, a “very, very legitimate corset” which made her feel “temporarily asthmatic.” She told host Jon Stewart, “I can’t sing Sondheim in a corset, running up and down real steps.”

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Pine was making her laugh so hard one day, the actress recalled, and “suddenly I was screaming I was dying and I was clawing at the corset to get out of it.” When Kendrick was let out of the corset she quickly realized, “I was disheveled, but not dying.” The ever-so-appealing Kendrick—who wore a lovely, corset-free blue dress for her appearance—admitted with a laugh that, “Chris doing a funny Southern accent is not an acceptable excuse for holding up the shoot.”

Watch the entire charming chat below, including Kendrick sharing more tales from the Into the Woods set, as well as talking about her poor cooking skills and how she used to sing TLC in the bathroom mirror as a youngster. (Seriously, how can you not love her?)

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