Friday, December 19, 2014

Stop Everything! Instagram Has Five New Filters.

I’m not sure what it says about me that I gasped with excitement upon hearing the news of Instagram’s new filters, or that I immediately developed tunnel vision while frantically updating the app. But Instaddiction aside, these additions are actually a #bigdeal, especially since we haven’t gotten to play with a new filter since 2012. So behold! Five! And all in appropriate shades of hipster and mellow. To help you navigate the new fleet and prevent you from asking your friend “this one or this one?” a billion times, we’ve come up with the following handy dandy guide.

The filter: Slumber
What it looks like: The cover of your dad’s favorite vintage record, kinda warm and washed out
When to use it: When you want to trick your followers into thinking you time-traveled to London in the ‘70s.

The filter: Aden
What it looks like: A sun-faded Anthropologie rug
When to use it: If you want your pic to look like it’s been coated with a light dusting of face powder. (This is seriously the closest we've come to one-button retouching).

The filter: Crema
What it looks like: The foam on your PSL
When to use it: To make the 17th pic of your sleeping cat seem a little more cuddly and warm (AS IF THAT’S EVEN POSSIBLE).

The filter: Ludwig
What it looks like: A Polaroid pic before it’s finished developing
When to use it: To one-up your photographer friend who actually knows how to use exposure and aperture to make a sandwich look chic.

The filter: Perpetua
What it looks like: A diluted cup of blue-green watercolor
When to use it: Any time you want your average, bland picture of the ocean to look like it was shot by National Geographic. Which is always.

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